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Luc Desamore Nov 11, 2016

If you give a location in the location Box and geocentric is NOT checked,
"Distance from home PLANET" is the distance from your actual topocentric location on Earth Surface from Moon center.
That distance is different from each point on Earth surface and indeed smaller when the Moon pass through your meridian.
If geocentric is checked "Distance from home Planet" is the distance between the center of the Earth and the center of the Moon. Normally this latter distance is published in ephemeris for perigee and other calculations.
For the Super Moon on 14 nov at 11:21 Guide gives 356 510km
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So Guide says "Distance from home PLANET". Is that my actual location on Earth's surface to the Moon's surface, or Earth center to Moon center?

If it is my location  on Earth's surface, objects will always be closer as they pass through the meridian above me. Objects would always be about 4000 miles closer to me than when they rise.

Scott Kranz

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You must use a geocentric location.
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Subject: [guide-user] Luna data - Supermoon

So how accurate is Guide regarding data on the Moon such as distance?

With the upcoming Full Moon and all the publicity of the Supermoon, I was checking out some lunar data on Guide.

According to most of the sites and stories I've read, the closest distance to the Moon is supposed to be at 11:23 UT on Nov 14 with a distance of 356,509 km.

BUT at that time, Guide shows the Moon being at 354,837 km away.

According to Guide, the closest point will be at 05:53:30 UT on the 14th with a distance of 350,854 km.

Now, I am in no way a fanatic about this whole supermoon business, but if it gets people out looking up, then I'm all for it.

But the differences between Guide and the reported time and distance has me worried.


-Scott Kranz