Animation trail tick mark labels off by 1 minute

ted_tenor Nov 9, 2016

I was helping a friend create animation trails for a star on his new installation of Guide 9, for pre-pointing a telescope for an asteroid occultation.

He applied all the 9.1 patches.  We could successfully create the animation trail with timestamps.  However the labels on the tick marks were one minute off of what the actual time was on the trail itself.

For example, when I click on a tickmark labelled "5:49" the pop-up window says that this point on the animation trail corresponds to 5:50.

So the times you get when you click on the animation trail are correct, but the tick mark labels don't match these times, they are off by exactly one minute.  This is enough to cause an occultation observer to miss an event.

I should mention that on my own computer, this does not happen.  The times you get in the pop-up window when you click on a tick mark exactly match what the tick mark label says.  So this problem is isolated to one computer.  We both run 9.1.

Has anyone seen this or possibly have a solution?