Re: [guide-user] Installing Guide 8 on a Windows 10 PC

Denis Nov 7, 2016

I'll try to point you in the right direction.
Install Guide into the C: drive. - C:\Guide\ (might be there already)
create a folder on "C" drive and name it UCAC4, install all UCAC4 files (z001 to z900) in this folder, nothing else - i.e C:\UCAC4\ z001 and on.
Open Guide, press keyboard keys "ALT+J" and enter "UCAC4_PATH:C:\UCAC4", then OK
Set Guide to a field of 10 degree and set star magnitude to show 10 mag.
Go to Toggle user datasets and select UCAC4, set to "auto", set mag to 10, set field from 0 to 1.5, select Label "on". Done

Zoom in to 1 degree field and all UCAC4 labels will come on. If labels are shown, you are good, modify your settings as required.


On 07-Nov-16 12:10 PM, roger.dymock@... [guide-user] wrote:
Thanks for help so far but still unable to access UCAC4 data. Any specifics as to;
- any updates to 9.1 
- where it is best to store data
- pointer to data in tdf
- field size to display data
- etc
would be helpful.