Re: Visibility of Barnard dark nebulae

chasseurdesgalaxies Nov 5, 2016

Hi Berhard,

I do not have a full solution, but an idea.

I don't know whether you have seen that under the menu "Extras\Toggle user data sets", there is a line: "Southern Dark Clouds".
You can switch off "Nebulae" under the menu "Display\Data shown" and switch on  "Southern Dark clouds" in the "User data sets".

But then you only have objects of the southern sky. My idea is the following. (I am not really an informaticien, but as you are talking about
"workarounds", I dare to come out with this idea):

The database of the southern objects must be somewhere in the Guide folder (didn't have the time to really search). If you can find it, you could
perhaps simply create or copy a table / list with the same type of objects for the NORTHERN hemisphere, put it into the same format as the existing
(SOUTHERN) one, and integrate it in into the existing database (or replace the base) ?

Just un idea !