Re: [guide-user] Installing Guide 8 on a Windows 10 PC

roger_dymock Nov 1, 2016

Thanks Woodchuck

Thought I had finally got it to work. 

It appears that the Level setting controls whether or not UCAC data is shown when I click on a star. For example UCAC data shows for level 11 and above but not for 10 and below. The User data set settings don't seem to have any effect.

BUT, BUT, BUT UCAC3 data is being shown - the star IDs begin with 3UC. I checked a star against Vizier for both UCAC4 and UCAC3 and it is definitely the latter.

UCAC3 is turned off in toggle user datasets and I have the UCAC4 tdf loaded and UCAC4 is referenced in guide.dat. The DVD I loaded the data from states UCAC4 on the disk and the readme doc references UCAC4 so I am now totally confused.