Re: [guide-user] Installing Guide 8 on a Windows 10 PC

Denis Oct 30 12:24 PM


a couple of questions,

Where is Guide9 installed?  i.e C:\guide9 or somewhere else.

Is the UCAC4 on the same drive as where guide is installed?


On 30-Oct-16 10:30 AM, roger.dymock@... [guide-user] wrote:

Hi John, Dennis,

Did everything you mentioned in your posts but still unable to see and UCAC4 data.

Under Extras\Toggle user data sets UCAC4 is listed and I can select it (indicated by an asterisk). In the resulting window I have checked On and Label and Show at 0 - 180 (which I presume is the size of the display in degrees in which UCAC4 data will be displayed).

Perhaps I am looking in the wrong place. If, for example, I right click on a star and then select More info what should I see?

I have experimented with CMC14 and UCAC3 and can get that data displayed. Shows as a block of IDs more or less in the centre of the screen and I can zoom in on a particular star to see its CMC14 or UCAC3 data. Does UCAC4 data display in the same way?