Re: [guide-user] Installing Guide 8 on a Windows 10 PC

Keith Pascall Oct 20 2:04 PM

Hi Roger

I had problems earlier this year with trying to get ucac4 working after moving guide 9 files from a computer running XP to one running 8.1. Despite generous help from members nothing would get ucac4 to display.

I recently got the guide to display ucac4 but only by loading a completely new version of guide 9 from the DVD's. I then added all the updates from Bill (up to 9.1 version) plus various catalogues I already had working. Tested everything worked. Then added ucac4.

I have put guide9 plus urat1 and ucac4 data files directly under the C drive modifying the Path command in guide.dat to point to them.

Hope this might work for you also.



On 20/10/2016 19:38, roger.dymock@... [guide-user] wrote:
Hi Bill,
Too late!!!. As they say 'the cheque/check (Visa actually) is in the post'.