Searching URAT1 Catalogue (and Gaia-DR1)

DaveGee Oct 13 1:50 AM

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Ø  It would take me an unreasonably long time to download 200 GBytes.

I don’t know what your goals are but perhaps uses don’t need the whole 200Gb shebang. e.g. …

As I understand it, the Gaia1 lacks proper motion data, so to get around this Dave Herald (the author of Occult) has produced a hybrid catalogue he calls Gaia14 (i.e. limited to mag.14) in which he uses the high quality position data from Gaia and uses pm data from UCAC4.  We are currently using this with good results for asteroid occultation searches.


Gaia14 is 1.1Gb and is downloaded via Occult.


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