Re: [guide-user] Searching URAT1 Catalogue

Denis Oct 9 12:03 PM

Try under GO TO, Go To .TDF Object, select URAT1 in user database and press OK then enter the star number in search window.

That should work.

On 09-Oct-16 11:40 AM, stjohnrobinson@... [guide-user] wrote:
Hello Denis,

I think you have misunderstood or I did not make myself clear enough.

I have the URAT1 data set, and have configured Guide to display the URAT1 stars successfully, what I am now trying to achieve is to correctly format a search term that can be entered into the GOTO command: -

i.e 1URAT547-642315 this is a URAT1 star that guide will display, amongst many others, however if you then enter the same format into the GOTO command, it returns 'Not a valid object'.

I have tried variations on a theme as it where but with out success.  So thanks for the response, I will have to see if Bill can enlighten me!!

best regards