Re: Create star list with APASS data?

navillus95472 Sep 29, 2016

Hello Bill,

I logged on today with a related APASS question (which also might be of interest to Frank), so I'll just jump into this thread.

The AAVSO site has a tool which will produce a csv file of the data for all APASS stars within a selectable radius of any coordinate point on thy sky. 

The tool is here:

Is there a way I can use this downloaded csv file for a specific FOV with guide so that the APASS stars are identified in the Guide chart and "More info" will bring up the APASS information for that star?

One advantage (I think) of using the direct download from the AAVSO (rather than using the APASS data in UCAC4) is that the AAVSO site gives the information from the most recent data release that is available for that field.  I don't know which APASS data release is used with UCAC4 or if UCAC4 photometry information is updated when new APASS data are released.