Re: [guide-user] Possible error in Guide

edens3 Sep 22, 2016

Hi Alex,
I calculate from the triangle that the so called "RA offset" is not a difference of RA's, but the side of the small triangle, parallel to, but not lying on the equator! So, the value 185.4 (not rightfully called RA offset) has to be divided by the cosine of the declination, in this case being about 34 degrees.
Cheers, Esdert.

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Hi, All

Using distance meter in Guide (mouse right click on an object - move mouse - release mouse on another

object) I found possible error in distance calculation.

For example:

6.3298' = 379.79"

PA 150/7 deg

RA offset: -3.091' = -185.4" = -14.9 sec

Dec offset: -5.523' = -331.4"

My question is why 185.4" = 14.9 sec? I guess it should be (185.4arcsec) / (15arcsec/sec) =12.36 sec