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Keith Pascall Sep 13, 2016

Hi Owen,

Have tried that, modifying the path also, but it does not work. Moved URAT1 also and that still worked.



On 13/09/2016 00:09, 'Owen Brazell' owen@... [guide-user] wrote:

Never a good idea to put files like that in program files. Windows regards that as special nowadays. I would just put it in c:\ucac4 and see if that works. It does for me.




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Hi Dr. Clay and Christoph,

Have tried full path  UCAC4_PATH=C:\Program Files (x86)\GUIDE91\ucac4  but it makes no difference. The URAT1 files are in the same place and work with the short path.

Unfortunately the web pages you quote either gives a blank page or 'page can not be found' error depending on browser used. It looks like the files have been removed but I do begin to suspect something is wrong with the files I downloaded.

Thank you for your suggestions, I will try and find another source to download from.

Kind regards,


On 12/09/2016 17:36, christoph held cheld93@... [guide-user] wrote:

Hi Keith!
I´ve had the same problems with the downloaded data from CDS.

The files should be faulty. Then I´ve downloaded from this source:


Now it works.

Kind regards



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It appears that your path route is not complete:


It needs to be directed to the complete drive that your GUIDE folder (in which your UCAC-4 resides)....such as



For example.


Dr. Clay


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Hi Grant,

Basically not having use this method before and some research on the internet.

I have, however, downloaded a program called Tixati (which looked fairly simple to use) and tried it briefly. This method seems to be the only way to get a copy of usno-B1.0 which is all I want to use it for.

I have left off trying that at the moment because I can not get the downloaded ucac4 files to display in Guide 9.1

I downloaded ucac4 via ftp from site
Files z001 to z900 (exactly as downloaded) were placed in a directory 'ucac4' inside Guide 9.1 (10 Dec 2015 version).
File ucac4.tdf (from recent group email) added to Guide 9.1
Added new line to guide.dat   UCAC4_PATH=ucac4
Extras - Toggle user datasets shows UCAC-4 is 'on' and 'Show at' reads '0  1.5'  Label is ticked.
No UCA4 stars show up at any level of display or can be found with a search.

URAT1 is set up in exactly the same way and works ok.

Can anybody suggest what I might have done wrong or missed?
Do I need to process the downloaded files in any way?, I can find no instruction to do so.



On 12/09/2016 13:29, 'Blair, Grant' g.blair@... [guide-user] wrote:


Why would you consider the use of BitTorrent to be ‘a bit risky without use of a VPN’?  Unless you plan on doing something on (or beyond) the margins of legality (software or media piracy), torrents are an excellent way to distribute large files or datasets, sharing the load over many, many clients with available bandwidth.


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Hi Christoph,

Thank you for the info and apologies for not getting you name correct in my previous email.

I have never used the 'Bittorrent' system for downloading and have read that it is a bit risky without having a VPN set up also.

Did you use a VPN for your download?

Kind regards,


On 11/09/2016 12:53, christoph held cheld93@... [guide-user] wrote:

Hi Keith,

take this:

Kind regards,


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Hi Christopher,

I have been looking to download the USNO B1.0 catalogue but can not find a site where it is available'.

Are you able to disclose from where you downloaded a copy?

Kind regards,


On 03/09/2016 09:41, christoph held cheld93@... [guide-user] wrote:

Dear Bill!

Thanks for your help. That works great. And sorry for double posting.

kind regards


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Hi Christop,

My apologies; you've been led astray by some documentation that I need
to update.

If you get these two files :

and put them in your Guide folder, you'll see "UCAC-4" and "USNO B1.0
from hard drive" in your Extras... Toggle User Dataset lists.

Those files were provided as part of the Guide

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