Re: [guide-user] Problems with UCAC4 and USNO B1.0

Bill Gray Aug 29, 2016

Hi Christop,

My apologies; you've been led astray by some documentation that I need
to update.

If you get these two files :

and put them in your Guide folder, you'll see "UCAC-4" and "USNO B1.0
from hard drive" in your Extras... Toggle User Dataset lists.

Those files were provided as part of the Guide 8 update file, and
they're present on the Guide 9 and 9.1 DVDs. But they are _not_
automatically installed from the Guide 9.x disk.

Incidentally, a note to first-time posters on this list: it may take
a little while before your first post is approved. After that, you won't
be moderated, and your posts will appear almost instantly. This list used
to be completely unmoderated, but that resulted in spam.

-- Bill

On 2016-08-29 08:02, christoph held cheld93@... [guide-user] wrote:
> Hallo to you all!
> I´ve a problem with displaying the UCAC4 and USNO B1.0 Stars. I have downloaded both
> Catalogue. The UCAC4 folder contains the z001 to z900 files and the B1.0 folder
> b0000.acc to b1799.acc files and the same as .cat. I´ve also set the path to the folders
> in the way describte on the projectpluto page:
> but nothings happened!
> There is no new entry in the toggle user datasets.
> What I make wrong? Please help me.
> Thank you
> Christoph