Re: White empty square instead of DSS/RealSky images

chasseurdesgalaxies Jul 14, 2016


sorry for coming back, but your hint finally did not help me. In fact your hint changes the contrast for ALL DSS/RealSky images, and not just for the one, for which the contrast settings are changed. As a consequence, if  - by changing contrast - I get the images for the two objects mentioned in my initial message (within the white squares), i.e.
- NGC 6755 in Aquila and
- IC 4756 in Serpens Cauda,
ALL the OTHER images are completely black squares (no stars shown).

The contrast for these two images thus should be changed INDIVIDUALLY.
Does someone know how to do that ?
In which Guide folder the images are stored ? (I have found the REALSKY and the DSS (sub-)Folders, but there are no images) ?