Re: [guide-user] Guide newbie needs help - imaging partner went diving

Bill Gray Jul 8, 2016

[Note to all: I composed the following, then got a call from Eric
before I hit 'send'. Seems the problem was more basic than I realized,
in that the CCD dialog was not appearing on-screen! Eventually, we
tried just installing the current Guide 9.1 software, and things
suddenly worked. So you may ignore the following.]

-- Bill
--------------------- No longer relevant -----------------

Hi Eric,

In the CCD Frame dialog, do you have both 'show frame' and 'center frame'
clicked? (Without 'show frame', the CCD frame will -- no surprise! -- not
be shown. Without 'center frame', it may be shown, but it'll be wherever
you left it last.)

Is the focal length non-zero? (Try, say, a meter-long focal length. If
your field of view is a degree or two, the camera should be pretty obvious on
the screen. Zoom out too far, with a longer focal length and a small camera,
and the CCD frame may be a couple of pixels across. Note that you should see
some text just above the color selection and "OK" buttons that tells you the
frame size and pixel size. For example, mine is saying

41.34' x 27.56'; pixels are 0.62" by 0.62"

Just above the "spin left" and "spin right" buttons, you should have a
drop-down box listing available cameras. What camera do you have selected?
Does a different camera cause the frame to suddenly appear? (Shouldn't
happen, but I suppose something weird may be going on.)

-- Bill

On 2016-07-08 08:24, eric@... [guide-user] wrote:
> My imaging partner wrote a script in ACP for a new object. That didn't run and now I
> have to change the rotation angle to a new guide star. We use Guide to determine the
> rotater position. He does all that and I have never learned the program.
> So now I am staring at the Guide screen wondering what to do next. I have checked the
> CCD Frame Display, but nothing appears, no FOV rectangle. Not sure what to do next. I
> can change the script in ACP if I can get some additional information from Guide. Some
> help would be appreciated.
> Thanks in advance.
> Eric