White empty square instead of DSS/RealSky images

chasseurdesgalaxies Jun 26, 2016


I suddenly have a strange problem with DSS/RealSky images (saved on my harddisk) in Guide 9. Instead of the images, Guide shows empty white squares (filled completely with white color) in the size of the image, but no image. I can however still see objects behind, for instance a galaxy with its number, that is behind an open cluster or a nebula (frame) within it.
I have set the limit for DSS/RealSky images to < 5 degrees.

I began to see it at:
NGC 6755 in Aquila and
IC 4756 in Serpens Cauda,

but there are more now.

I reinstalled all DSS/Realsky images from the CD, but no luck !
Then I downloaded the missing DSS images from the internet, but now I have a small image on a larger white square.

Did you already come across that problem ?