Re: [guide-user] Excerpt a list of observable objects that are ON SCREEN

BHudgens Jun 8, 2016


I have also inquired about this same need some years ago.   It would work somewhat like the table search for asteroids and comets. Enter a magnitude followed by *   (example  15.5*)    That will display only to that magnitude for all DSOs on the current screen.   If I recall, trying to doing this for the deep sky objects would be more difficult as the data comes from several catalogs instead of a single comet or asteroid file.

Bill may have some more current thinking on this much need display/list option.
Ben Hudgens

On 6/3/2016 3:30 PM, chasseurdesgalaxies@... [guide-user] wrote:


I am wondering since long time whether something like what is described in the topic is possible with Guide.

I know, there have to be limitations, as one can set the magnitude to 21 mag (just to exaggerate a bit), but if you limit the possibility to 12 or 14 mag on a field of 20 or 10 degrees and only to the objects that are ON SCREEN (i.e. to the chart you are just looking at), it would be a nice feature to be able to export a list of all the objectsto be observed within this frame to excel for instance (including some information like the magnitude, type of object, size, etc) and to thius prepare an observation night.

I do not know, perhaps this is already possible ? There is for instance an option in Guide to make a post-script file. But I do not know how that works.

Does anyone know ? Any other ideas how to come close to the above ?

Would be nice.

Kind regards