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Joaquin Tapioles May 29, 2016

  Bill already like maps of the planets are changed and achieved only give the key (.).
What folder 9.1 guide all those maps are stored and in that format so you can read the guide9.1?


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> The map in question is this;

Thanks for mentioning this! I'd not seen it... looks quite good.

Just for the record, Jari Suomela pointed out that there's an excellent map
of Pluto at

And a topographic map of Mercury, created by the US Geological Survey :

_And_ maps for Pluto and Charon, at

I'll be posting these soon, I hope. (I'm hoping to do so in a manner
that doesn't require upgrading Guide; you'll be able just to download the
files containing the maps, put them in your Guide folder, zoom in on
the planet in question, right-click on it, then click OK... Display...
Options... and choose the map. Try this on Mars or Venus or the Moon,
each of which has several maps already, and you'll see what I mean.)

-- Bill