Re: [guide-user] Slew to wrong area of the sky

Bill Gray May 28, 2016

Hi David,

Um. That's puzzling...

Guide's handling of such things is rather simple: it sends an RA/dec to
the telescope, and lets the telescope figure out what that means in terms
of where to spin the motors. The date/time, lat/lon, and other settings
in Guide are basically ignored; all Guide does is to say, "Here's an
RA/dec; _you_ handle the dirty details of figuring out where the scope goes."

For a directly-connected (non-ASCOM) setup, that means just converting
the RA/dec to the scope's format and sending it through the serial port.
If your telescope supports any of the various formats Guide handles directly
(most do support one or another of them), you might give that a try.

If the direct control works, your telescope is aligned properly and
is communicating well, and the issue lies in ASCOM. If it doesn't, I'd
check the telescope alignment... that really seems the most likely cause
to me.

-- Bill