Slew to wrong area of the sky

kelowna_dave May 26, 2016

Finally had a great night for photography last night, but ran into a weird situation trying to get setup.

I followed my normal practice of first ensuring polar alignment was correct, then I centered a bright star reasonably close to my target in Guide 9 and then slewed toward the star.

Last night the bright star I selected was Regulus (west of the meridian). After issuing the slew command, instead  slewing close to Regulus my scope ended up pointed somewhere in Leo Minor.(also west, but much higher in the sky)
I checked all my settings (Lat. Long. in guide 9 and EQASCOM. I checked the date/time including PDT in guide 9.
I even re-Polar aligned my scope from scratch, but got the same results (ie) pointing way to high in the sky when slewing to Regulus.

As a test, I tried slewing east of the meridian towards Deneb and my scope ending up pointing way to low. That is it pointed somewhere in the area of Vulpecula.

This leads me to think something (Guide 9, EQMOD, NEQ6 motherboard) thinks my geographical position is way west of the actual settings.

I have been using this configuration for a few years and it has always worked great. The last time I was out was  May 10 and everything worked normally.

I am stymied as to what has changed or failed as I have not added/deleted/modified any programs in my computer.

Please offer suggestions.