Re: [guide-user] Re: Guide 9 Telescope problem

Bill Gray Apr 17, 2016

Hi David,

Thanks for mentioning this. I hadn't heard of an administrative
issue here before... it does seem a little peculiar. I'll add it
to the list of things to ask about when someone inquires about
telescope control issues.

Another thing to try, in general, with scope control: you
can access almost any telescope in Guide without using ASCOM. Most
will support either the Meade protocol or one of the various
Celestron flavors (Guide will figure out which flavor is which).
This is _usually_ the best way to go anyway, since getting ASCOM
out of the way means one less layer to cause trouble.

Even if you're planning on eventually running solely with ASCOM,
this can still be a good way to make sure that the computer is
actually communicating properly with the telescope and that there
are no hardware/interference issues. (Not an issue in your case,
I realize; you'd been able to demonstrate that the connection
was good using EQMOD.)

The downside to the "direct control" method is that if you have
other ASCOM-based software that is attempting to use your telescope,
ASCOM will grab control of the telescope and never let it go.
Unfortunately, ASCOM is not noted for playing well with others.
(I should note that in other ways, it's a lovely idea and nicely
done. Had it existed long ago, I'd never have attempted directly
controlling telescopes.)

-- Bill

On 2016-04-16 09:55, kelowna_dave@... [guide-user] wrote:
> I resolved the problem by simply running Guide 9 as administrator. Must only make sense
> to a Microsoft engineer/developer as my profile is already "administrator".