R: [guide-user] Guide 9 Telescope problem

Antonio De pieri Apr 13, 2016

Remove Ascom platform 6.2 and install the version that you had  before.

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I have been using versions of Guide for several years. Most recently  Guide 9 and everything worked just fine until a few weeks ago when Microsoft decided to start changing my OS from Windows 7 to Windows 10. The process auto started while I was away from my computer.
I decided I do not want Windows 10 as Windows 7 runs all my software without issue so I reverted back to Windows 7.
I can communicate and move my NEQ6 mount with EQMOD and my Canon 60Da and Imagesplus are working just fine. However, now Guide 9 telescope control is no longer working. Although the Scope Pad is still there, any effort to slew the telescope results in a message box titled ASCOM Telescope plugin “You have not yet configured your telescope type and settings.”
Thinking a driver may be corrupt or missing, yesterday I installed ASCOM Platform 6.2 along with a re-installation of EQMOD v129.a. This has not resolved the issue.
The process I have been trying to use with Guide 9 is as follows:
Open Settings – Scope Control – Choose ASCOM Scope and put a number in the “other” box. I have tried 1, 6 (6 is the com port used by EQMod to connect to my mount) and 7. Regardless of the number the ASCOM Telescope Chooser opens.
I have tried a myriad of combinations such as EQMOD ASCOM HEQ 5/6 or Generic Hub and even EQMOD_2 ASCOM HEQ 5/6.
After going through the setup routine, every combination results in exactlythe same error message “You have not yet configured your telescope type and settings.”
For instance:
If I simply choose EQMOD ASCOM HEQ 5/6 and select properties, the EQMOD configuration associated with my EQMOD – NEQ6 mount opens.
If I select Generic Hub Properties, I see the Hub Setup window. I select “Choose Scope” and from the ASCOM Telescope chooser “EQMOD_2 ASCOM HEQ 5/6” is already selected. I then choose “Setup” and the EQMOD setup screen opens once again with the configuration associated with my EQMOD – NEQ6 mount. Then I click OK. Then OK on the ASCOM Telescope chooser window and then the “You have not yet configured your telescope type and settings” message pops up again.
As an experiment I configured CdC and was able to talk to and move my mount therefore I am led to think there must be an issue with Guide 9.
Would someone please help with this very frustrating situation as I desperately  want to use Guide 9 with my imaging sessions.
thank you