Re: Some questions about finding objects and put Telrad in the letter.

stonedoffmyass Apr 4, 2016

Not sure if this had been answered , this is the way to get telrad overalls anywhere on chart    off project pluto site


Putting Telrad symbols into overlays

Normally, one gets a grand total of exactly one Telrad symbol to use in Guide. It can be toggled on and off, and stays in the center of the field of view as you pan around the sky.

If you're editing an overlay, you can add a Telrad symbol to that overlay. Select "Add text" from the Overlay menu, and click on the point where you want to put the Telrad. Normally, you would type in some text to add to the current overlay. But instead, type in the text "~tel".

Guide will interpret those four characters as a special command, meaning "instead of putting text here, put a Telrad symbol here". Using this, you can drop Telrad symbols anywhere you want, in any desired quantity. I've regarded this as being a mostly useless capability; if people tell me otherwise, I'm open to turning it into a menu option.