Re: [guide-user] Re: Variable Star Display

Keith Pascall Apr 1, 2016

Hi Rudi,

Possibly for information overload but have you tried setting asteroids to 'on', the yellow crosses take over the chart at lower levels of display. Interesting to see the band that the asteroids obit in though.



On 31/03/2016 20:50, chasseurdesgalaxies@... [guide-user] wrote:
Hi Keith,

ok, got it.

Yes, same here ! If the field is 5 degrees or smaller, the NSV show up, if it is > 5 degrees, they do not show up, no matter what limiting magnitude either in "data shown" (lower limiting magnitude) or in "star display" (upper limiting magnitude), I put in. Even for very brilliant variables.

So I confirm.

Could this be on purpose (no information overload at larger fields / smaller scales)?

Don't know.