Re: Variable Star Display

chasseurdesgalaxies Mar 31, 2016

Hi Keith,

if you which to see the variable stars earlier (i.e. in charts with lower limiting magnitudes), set the NSV data to "fixed" (third radio button in the -horizontal - NSV line) and manually insert a lower magnitude level in the box. If you then go back to "auto" (4th button), this (lower) level will be - proprotionnaly - taken over for all chart levels (i.e. the limiting magnitude will stay always - let's say - two magnitude levels, or whatever you chose, lower as for the other objects). You can also do the inverse (higher lower limit for all objects).

For me, when I click on whatever radiobutton in the first or second (vertical) line = "off" or "on", all magintudes are greyed out. This seems logic to me, as in these cases there is no limiting magnitude. Either the objects are never shown (at whatever chart level you are), or they are always shown.

Clear Skies