Re: Some questions about finding objects and put Telrad in the letter.

chasseurdesgalaxies Mar 26, 2016

Hi Joachim,

In the menu "Extras"\"toggle User data sets" you can find three quasar catalogs, as well as a catalogue "planetary systems".
Just put a checkmark by clicking on the catalogue (you will see a star (*) in front of the line) and then on "Done", to obtain the objects, which you wish to see. You may then set a magnitude limit, by RIGHT-clicking on one of the objects (e.g. a quasar), which should open another menu with further options (depends on the catalogue you chose).

In the menu "Settings"\"Toolbar" (last line in "Settings"), there is an entry "Toogle Telrad". Just do the same as above. (Unfortunately, the list is not in alphabetic order, so you need to search a little bit - put your language to English in "Settings"\"Language", and search for "Toggle Telrad"). For the Toolbar, you should again not only put the checkmark (/*) in front of the line (by clicking on it), but thean also click ok. When done so, you should have NEW toolbar button in your tollbar and by clicking on it, you can put the Telrad "on" and "off". By RIGHT-clicking on the Telrad in the chart, you can change the color.

 But I do not think that the way, Guide is programmed does allow for moving the Telrad (away form the center of the chart). You need to move the chart "under" the Telrad. (The Telrad will always stay at the center of the chart !

Hope this helps