Re: [guide-user] MPCORB File Sorter

Denis Mar 20, 2016

If time permits I will look at changing the date selection to 2050.
I will post the update on my webpage.


On 19-Mar-16 9:27 PM, BHudgens spacerockguy@... [guide-user] wrote:
I've been using Denis Boucher's 2007 program,  MPCORB File Sorter, for several years to edit the MPCORB.DAT file.  I can no longer set the date beyond December 2015.   It appears that date limit is set within the program. 

Is there a newer version of the program that allows input of current date before sorting the MPCORB.DAT file?

My main purpose in using this excellent program is to reduce the size of the large MPCORB.dat file by setting 15 pr 16 magnitude as the limiting magnitude.  I know you can set the asteroid display magnitude limit in Guide but using the edited smaller MPCORB.DAT file allows Guide to process the .dat file quicker.  I am currently using Guide 9.1

Any help most appreciated.
SBen Hudgens