Re: Update posted Mar 16, 2016

Hello Bill,

For me, Installation of does not update title bar to Guide 9.1, as 

per instructions provided on guide site.

Dell Latitude C540 1.8Ghz Mobile Pentium
1Gb ram
OS XP Proffesional Version 2002 SP3, majority patches applied

Fresh install of disc 1 and 2 to hard drive default folder with default 


Title bar reads guide 8.0, Help file displays 1998 Version 8.0 January 2002.

Extract and install

Title bar reads guide 8.0, help file displays:- You are currently running the 16th 

Aug 2011 version.

Click on the download link for update, extract and install,

Title bar reads guide 9.0, help file displays the following:-

Version 1.0 of GUIDE was released in April 1993;
version 2.0,  in July 1993;  version 3.0,  May 1994;
version 4.0,  July 1995;  version 5.0,  August 1996;
version 6.0,  September 1997;  version 7.0, November
1998;  version 8.0,  January 2002;  and version 9.0,
November 2011;  

   You are currently running the 27th July 2015 version.

Have I missed something....any help would be appreciated.

Keep up the excellent work.