Re: [guide-user] GUIDE 8.0 on Wimdows 10

Masaki Kouda Feb 25, 2016

Hello jimborm

Amazingly, setup software in Guide8.0 CD-ROM works fine on WIndows10 !

After install Guide8.0 to PC, then download latest update file,

Unfortunately projectpluto site doesn't have update file on update8.htm.

After them, you can update Guide8 to Guide9.

Please try this.

    Masaki Kouda, Japan

On 2016/02/25 12:56, jimborm@... [guide-user] wrote:

I understand GUIDE 9.0 and 9.1 run OK in Windows 10, but is GUIDE 8.0.  I still my old 8.0 disk and ran it on my Windows 7 PC (which crashed recently).  I'm planning to order GUIDE 9.1 unless there is a way to install 8.0 on my new Windows 10 PC. Has anyone been able to do this?