Re: [guide-user] "Go to object name A2 1425 07813092" does not work in Guide9-updates

pinotorinese1 Feb 24, 2016

Hello Christian,

A2.0 from USNO-cat on HD: no file for tdf, no tdf,
no user dataset, it seems a program part from GUIDE9

A2.0=usno_a2.txt   from VIZIER in   vizier.tdf, works well
B1  =b10.dat          from VIZIER in   gsc22.tdf, works well
(both tdf in guide9-dvd\text)

The B1-cat I don't have on my harddrive but seems easy to
write a tdf that works.

I think it's a good idea to manage the catalogs themselves
but I'm not a c-programmer and so I can't follow your example.