Re: [guide-user] "Go to object name A2 1425 07813092" does not work in Guide9-updates

Christian Ambros Feb 22, 2016

Hi Ewald,

you're right about that. More to the point, there isn't any option to lookup A2 and B1 stars. the tdf's don't work out either. Even the B1, which I added like ucac4 and usno a2 in the guide.dat is not show as selected. A2 and URAT1 are. So either there is no optional path for it yet, because who of those many guide users would use a local copy or even B1 stars at 21 mag, or I'm missing something.

As a feature request, could we get a dialog which enables two things: look up objects from and manage the catalogs themselves?

I build a quick example with Qt5 to show two things: how easy and fast it is to get such a dialog and how usage could be improved.
Everybody who might be interested in, can find it in the newly build folder catalog_dialog_-_guiexample in this yahoo group. It contains a 7z-compressed file which extracts two folders after uncompressing. The first contains the build version for quick preview, the second the Qt5 projects for everyone's use. The example code is in C++, so it should be easy to include it in the present guide code. At present, it's just the gui and has no connections to the guide code. This has to be done.


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On Monday, February 22, 2016 6:22 PM, "Ewald_Schauer@... [guide-user]" <> wrote:

Hi Bill,

I have found the following posting from you:
Mar 21,2013 _should_ be able to enter 'A 1656' or 'Zw 124'
 and have it work, and I've revised Guide to do that; you'll see
 this the next time I post an update....
I think after this update it's no more possible  to use
for example
GO TO OBJECT NAME A2 1200 20000000
to find USNO A2.0 stars because this leads allways to