Re: Stars around Eta Car

Mati Feb 18, 2016

         I take the opportunity to add some documentation on my file
It is based on a file of 768 stars around Eta Car, from short exposure CCD images in U.B and V,
by Philip Massey and Jennifer Johnson (1993). Their XY coordinates are reliable, but
unfortunately 27% of their photometry is spoiled by blending.
    I have retained the MJ numbering system, and have matched the MJ file
against a corresponding list of stars from UCAC4. About 91% of the MJ entries
have matches in UCAC4, which incorporates APASS magnitude data. About 86% of
MJ stars have APASS BV data. I have inserted UCAC4 positional and BV magnitude
data where possible. Otherwise the MJ position has been used, if no better
source is available; photometry from other sources has been referred to.
Trumpler 14. This busy cluster (@ 10h43.9m -59 33.2') lies NW of Eta Car. The
brightest members are HD 93128 (8.76V) and 93129 (7.32V). HD 93128=MJ 157 and
a few bright companions are all missing in GSCv1 and Tycho-2. The MJ file
rectifies these omissions. A deep survey of Tr 14 & 16 has been carried out
by Degioia-Eastwood (2001ApJ...549..578D). This is beyond the scope of my work.

Trumpler 16. Is the cluster around Eta Car. Another busy area, which can be
incomplete in survey catalogues, even for relatively bright members. The MJ
file provides the most important missing stars. Feinstein has published UBV
photometry for faint stars in the open cluster Trumpler 16, but much of it is
beyond the scope of my work. See 1982AJ.....87.1012F. There are many other
published studies of this region; see for instance
Positions : UCAC4 (CDS I/322A).
Spectral Types: The following sources were consulted.
1). Gagne, M. et al  2011ApJS..194....5G. "Carina OB stars in the CCCP catalog"
2). Massey, P. and Johnson, J.  1993AJ....105..980M
3). Skiff, B.A.  General Catalogue of Stellar Spectral Classifications  2014yCat....1.2023S
Photometry: A  APASS
            F  Feinstein A. et al 1973A&AS...12..331F; 1983ApSS..96..293F
            G  Gen. Cat. of Photometric Data
            M  Massey, P. and Johnson, J.  1993AJ....105..980M
            S  SPM4.0 (CDS I/320) 2011AJ....142...156G
            T  Tycho-2
            W  WEBDA

This was compiled using the VizieR service of CDS, Strasbourg.
Mati Morel