Stars around Eta Car

morel_mati Feb 18, 2016

I have  recently uploaded a file of 768 stars around Eta Car. This region is very crowded and heavy with nebulosity, resulting in very uneven coverage by GSC, Tycho-2 and the like. I have adapted a list of 768 stars down to ~13mag published by Massey and Johnson (1993) which is 99% complete. I have updated it by inserting positions from UCAC4, and BV photometry from APASS. I have added spectral types from the most recent compilations of MK spectral types.

The star field covers two important clusters, Trumpler 14 and 16, hence the name of the file : TR14_16.ZIP

The region of sky runs from 10h43.1 to 10h47.1m  and -59d29' to -59d59'.

I have tested the catalogue file, and it runs equally well on GUIDE8 and GUIDE9.0  As usual, you only need to download the ZIP file from the Files area, unzip it and add the 2 files to your GUIDE folder.


Mati Morel