Re: [guide-user] Windows 10 Compatibility Issue

Denis Feb 10, 2016


This might be a little tricky, follow the steps below carefully as you will create or modify a Registry entry.

1. Go to Run and enter "regedit"

2. Go to and step in the following folders - HKEY_CURRENT_USER  -  SOFTWARE - Microsoft  -  Windows NT - CurrentVersion - AppCompatFlags - Layers

3. In the folder - Layers -, you will see in the right panel the location of  Guide.exe.  As an example - C:\guide\guide.exe - under Name. IF YOU DO NOT SEE AN ENTRY WITH "Guide.exe" DO NUMBER 4 else DO NUMBER 5,

4. Do this procedure only if you do not see a Guide.exe entry. Right mouse click in the right panel, select "New", select "String", enter under Name where your Guide.exe is located in your system and left mouse click anywhere in the panel.

5. When under Name the location of guide.exe is visible, right mouse click on the entry (ie. C:\guide\guide.exe) and select Modify, enter the data value    ~ DISABLETHEMES  , no quotation included.

6. Close modify and you should see as an example under,  Name:  C:\guide\guide.exe,  under Type:  REG_Z,   under Data:  ~ DISABLETHEMES.

7. If all is correct, close Regedit window. Now the toolbar spaces will disappear when you open Guide.

Hope it helps,


On 10-Feb-16 12:54 PM, 'Tom Kunsitis' kunsitis@... [guide-user] wrote:

I copied Guide 9.1 from one Window 10 computer to another.  The source computer had been converted from Windows 7.  Guide 9.1 ran on it without problem. On the new computer, which was already Windows 10, Guide 9.1 runs OK but the toolbar is spread out.  In earlier versions of Windows, this was corrected by disabling dynamic effects in the Windows shortcut icon.  I do not see this option anymore.  I have played with the compatibility settings and run the compatibility troubleshooter but nothing changes.  Has anyone else encountered this issue?


Tom Kunsitis - Richmond, Virginia USA