Display of Comet Fragments on double head P/2010 V1

stonedoffmyass Feb 9, 2016

I had my first look at Ikaya/Murakami last night visually.

And there was two heads?

Nothing else anywhere close but a few mag 12 galaxies.

The double heads were in the same high power field.

Then I read this am that P/2010 V1 had broke apart earlier - 

So I looked at the latest MPC soft file update.

It lists 5 Comet components ,A thru E.

All very close to same position.

However at any level zoom or clicking "brighten stars",

None of the B,C,D,E fragments displayed in GUIDE

Only the main Comet displays and as just "P/2010 V1".

Id probably end up entering manually ,but just adding component "B" and name accordingly.

Anyone else able to display the 5 fragments in GUIDE? 

I think other than the double head of similar mag, the other frags beyond my telescope.