Re: [guide-user] Re: Ordering Guide 9.1 DVD

Bill Gray Jan 28, 2016

On 01/28/2016 11:57 AM, stonedoffmyass@... [guide-user] wrote:
> I had read Bill's explanation that the link at MPC went dead.

There were some problems there, but the real issue was with
IMCCE, after their site was hacked. (MPC supplies data for
"currently observable" comets. IMCCE adds in those which have
been observable over the last decade or two.) Those problems
are now fixed, though, and you should be able to use that update.

(At present, the only problem is that IMCCE hasn't been updating
their data since August. It's not really an issue yet -- the MPC has
us "covered" for objects since then -- but if left that way, the time
would come when you'd be able to find current objects and those from
2015 and before, but not those in between. I should be able to work
around this, though.)

> I used to always manually drop the soft.txt with copy n paste
> (omitting a t) right into the GUIDE directory in the cache.

That should work, too. It's essentially what "Extras... Asteroid/
Comet Options... Add MPC Comets/asteroids... Click to download updated
comet data and add it to Guide" would do. (Except that the latter
will also get the current IMCCE data.)

> The feature I enjoy a lot is the Moon display in the legend.

I kinda wish I'd thought of that for Guide 1.0. It's sometimes
convenient for me to be able to click on the moon display to center
on the moon, or right-click on it to get the sun.

-- Bill