Re: [guide-user] Is Guide9 capable of displaying 'two' Guider chips?

Joe Mize Jan 27, 2016

Thkx Bill for your prompt Reply.  Yes I have the STL11K with the TC-327H on-board Guide Chip.  I also have a MMOAG with the STL-Remote Guide Head which also has a TC-327H chip.  I choose guide chips depending upon guide star availability.  When I rotate the entire STL and MMOAG assembly is rotated.  Presently the STL-Remote chip is in a fixed position 180deg to the on-board chip’s location, and it is rotated 90deg for greater depth of star selection, its long side out. 
The STL-Remote chip should also have Rotation Range Rings.
I have TheSky6 setup so a guide star is dead-center on both chips, but I needed to adjust the STL-Remote’s Offset distance by trial and error.  Here are my TheSky6’s FOV specifications.
RCOS 14.5”, f:8.98, 368mm dia., 3307mm FL. w/STL11000M
TheSky6 On-Board Chip, 657x495, Offset 16.5mm
STL-Remote, 495x657, Offset 26mm (minus sign to get the 180deg rotation)
Note: per SBIG the STL-Remote has a TC-237H, 657x495, 7.4micron, 16-bit chip, identical to the On-Board STL11K Guide chip.
The MMOAG STL-Remote chip must be the exact same focal distance as the STL On-Board chip.
Thkx for looking into this Bill...joe  :)

"May He Go Among the Imperishable Stars"
Joe Mize, StarFields Observatory,
Chiefland Astronomy Village
Sent: Wednesday, January 27, 2016 4:38 PM
Subject: Re: [guide-user] Is Guide9 capable of displaying 'two' Guider chips?
Hi Joe,

    The only documentation of display of multiple chips is in the 'ccds.nam'
file itself,  starting around line 200 ("certain SBIG cameras include guider
chip specifications...").  As you'll see,  it's not exactly easy to do,  but
it's not rocket surgery.

    I gather you have a "standard" STL11000M with a built-in guiding chip,
but that in addition to this,  you have a second guiding chip?  Is the extra
chip the same size as either the main or guiding chip?  (It would simplify
matters if it is,  but wouldn't be a big deal if you have three chips of
different sizes.)

    As long as your extra chip has axes aligned with the main and built-in
guiding cameras,  this should be pretty straightforward.  (I don't have
a provision for situations where one chip is tilted at an angle relative
to another.)  We can deal with a 90 degree rotation,  though;  it'll just
mean that instead of having,  say,  a 640x480 third chip,  it'll be 480x640.

    Give me some specifics as to the size,  positioning,  and orientation of
this third chip,  and we can probably get it to show up in Guide.

    At present,  the only instance in 'ccds.nam' of a chip with two guiders
is the MegaTek camera.  The idea here was to have two guiders to allow field
rotation to be measured and compensated for.

-- Bill

On 01/27/2016 03:27 PM, 'Joe Mize' jmize@... [guide-user] wrote:
> In Guide9’s “guide.dat” file the Imaging and ‘onboard’ Guiding chips are specified.  How
> can an “additional” Guide chip and Range Rings be added “without removing” the original
> Guide chip and its Range Rings?  Also, how can the new chip be displayed at different
> orientations than the onboard Guide chip?  I’ve tried several ways to no effect.  I’m
> poking in the dark because nothing is found in Guide8’s Manual.
> GUIDER_CHIP=0,.6231,.1313,.1477,640,480 (my STL11000M)
> Has anyone devised a way of displaying ”two” Guide chips and Range Rings in Guide9?
> Thkx...joe  :)
> "May He Go Among the Imperishable Stars"
> Joe Mize, StarFields Observatory,
> Chiefland Astronomy Village

Posted by: Bill Gray <pluto@...>

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