Re: [guide-user] "Go to asteroid" with accented character in the name does not work in Guide9

Bill Gray Jan 1, 2016

Hi Ted,

Looking at the code, I'm not surprised that it failed. It's another
excellent argument for the use of Unicode, but that chunk of Guide was
written before Unicode got much use.

I suggest downloading this file and putting it into your Guide folder :

replacing an existing file. That will allow Aeria, Danae, etc. to be
recognized by the Go To... Object Name function. (Go To... Asteroid will
not be affected by this). Aëria will still not be recognized by either
function. Something slightly more complicated will be required to fix
that problem.

-- Bill

On 01/01/2016 08:39 AM, Ted Blank tedblank@... [guide-user] wrote:
> Hi, when I use "go to asteroid" for asteroid 369 Aëria (umlaut over the e), the go-to
> works if I just put in the number 369, but does not work if I use the asteroid's name,
> either with or without the umlaut over the e. The information in Guide9 for asteroid
> 369 shows it with the accented e.
> Should go to asteroid (name) work in this case? (I used charmap.exe, part of Windows,
> to copy/paste the accented e).
> Thanks,
> Ted B.