Re: Update posted

Bill Gray Dec 17, 2015

Hello all,

&$%%!* it... I hit 'send' accidentally. Let me finish that comment:

Hello all,

I've posted an update, as Guide 9.1, at

This update includes a few bug fixes relative to the previous
"in testing" update. As before, it can be installed by either Guide
8.0 or 9.0 users (there are some separate instructions for 8.0.)

As you know, I stopped shipping Guide 9.0 early this year. Demand
had dropped off quite a bit, and I'd just run out of manuals. I have
to have those printed up in quantity, and it looked as if doing so
wouldn't work out too well (I wouldn't sell enough to justify the
investment). I have since been looking for contract work (if you know
anyone in need of astronomical software development, please let me know!)

However, I do get occasional inquiries about the availability of Guide
DVDs. There is no real barrier to my selling Guide without printed
manuals, and I expect to resume sales in the next day or two, this time
with Guide 9.1, and with the DVD only (manual available on-line and on
the DVD). Guide 9.0 users can just download the update to 9.1 and
be all set; there's no real need for them to get the new DVD. Keep
an eye on for an announcement of this.

-- Bill