Re: URAT1 problems

olikloes Dec 12, 2015

Hi George,

I had the same problem as you to display the URAT1 in GUIDE until yesterday.

I had downloaded the URAT1 in March 2015 and have using it without any problems at OCCULT. Only the is display in GUIDE gave me trouble.

Yesterday I have downloaded the complete set of URAT1 from ftp at vizier again. I found the same file number at the folders comparing the two downloads but different sizes of the folders. So I checked the first files and I found that the files z327 and z328 had different sizes compared to the download of March.

Finally GUIDE displayed the URAT1 without any trouble with the new dataset. So there seems to be some changes at the files which gave GUIDE a problem.

So please check these files at your setup:     z327    1.109KB     and     z328    1.489KB

Do they have the same size? If not you may download the whole set again and then it will works for you as well.
My old dataset is deleted already so I can't provide more file sizes from the old set. I have not checked more files than the two above. I was oviously for me that this was the problem.

Good luck,