Re: [guide-user] RE: Any more CCDs?

Bill Gray Dec 8, 2015

Hello all,

I've just posted another update (thus far, just for the English version) at

This has a few cameras suggested by Jari Suomela, and a few fixes for the
ZWO cameras. I didn't really want to add in the color ones separately; they
do use different chips, but the pixel sizes and number of pixels is the same
for both color and mono. I added a note about the ASI120xx and tried to make
it a little clearer that the chips are not specified exactly for the others.

The discussion of "area envy" (I assume it's "aperture envy" if it's the
mirror size and "area envy" if it's the CCD size) caused me to attempt to
add in the Megacam and DECam (Dark Energy Camera). The Megacam uses 40 CCDs,
each an array of 2048x4608 13.5-micron pixels. The DECam uses 62 CCDs, each
of which has 2048x4096 15-micron pixels.

These two cameras fall a bit outside the way I intended the 'ccds.nam'
system to work (I wasn't able to get all 62 CCDs for the DECam, for example,
and the DECam does weird things at certain rotations). I won't include
them in the final production version of ccds.nam, unless I figure out a
way around these problems. But they're fun to play with.

-- Bill

On 12/08/2015 11:29 AM, Steve Tonkin mb23@... [guide-user] wrote:
> Hi Bill,
> Not sure about the other ZWO cameras, but the ASI120MM and ASI120MC use
> different chips (MT9M034 and AR0130CS respectively) - not 100% certain,
> but I think its only the 178 and 185 that uses the same chip for mono &
> colour versions,.
> Best &c,
> Steve Tonkin