Re: [guide-user] Adding cameras to CCD Frame

Bernd Klemt Dec 7, 2015

Hello Steve,

> Is there an easy way to add cameras to Display > CCD Frame... ?

if you are able to edit a text file with Notepad or another text editor I would
say: yes.

Open the file "ccds.nam" (if you use english language), increase the number in
the first line by one if you would like to add one camera and insert your camera
data in the way the others are listed at the right line. They are sorted
alphabetically. In the last column choose a number that isn't used alreay.

At the end of the file there are useful tips concerning adding new cameras. And
please don't forget to mail Bill Gray the new camera you inserted so that he can
update his file too.

Clear skies

Bernd Klemt

Sternwarte Herne, MPC code A18
Herne, Germany

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