Comet Panstarrs (C/2013 X1)

Tom Kunsitis Dec 5, 2015

I noticed a strange phenomenon regarding Comet Panstarrs (C/2013 X1) in Guide 9.0.  When I right click and ask for more information, it will give the estimated magnitude as 10.1 for zoom levels 4 and 5 and then show it as 13.3 for levels 6 and higher.  The go to comets function always shows it as magnitude 13.3.  I have data shown for comets set to auto at magnitude 11 for level 4 and magnitude 12.3 for level 5 so Panstarrs should not be showing at these levels.  I am running the 27 July 2015 version of Guide 9.0.  Has anyone else had this happen?


Tom Kunsitis - Richmond, Virginia USA