Ephemeris for Huyabusa-2

Ted Blank Dec 2, 2015

Is there a file with the ephemeris for Huyabusa-2 available in a format Guide9 can accept?  I'd like to be able to generate an animation trail for Huyabusa-2 to more easily understand how far it will move each minute.

I have not tried finding / tracking comets or other fast-moving objects with Guide yet, but I'd like to try to take a few tracked time-exposures of the sky in the area of the spacecraft, maybe 30-second exposures a few minutes apart.  In such a photo, after stacking, the stars should be very bright but immobile, and the spacecraft should appear as a series of evenly-spaced dots.

(Gordon Garrad was able to image Cassini on its Earth fly-by back in the late 90's using a similar technique).

If you have the ability to take photos of Huyabusa-2 using the above technique, please try it, the results are very interesting.

Ted Blank