Updated library of datasets.

morel_mati Nov 21, 2015


    Back in July '15 I uploaded a ZIP file of mine, DATA_LIB1.ZIP, with 13 datasets and TDFs. One of the files,

ANDREWS.DAT, was subsequently found to have a number of bad positions. No less than 82 stars had RAs which were systematically in error by 1.0min. A thorough search identified another 72 stars with bad positions. Corrections have been made to all offending stars. A new file called ANDREWS_2.DAT has been created and is included in the new file DATA_LIB2.ZIP.   This is the *only* change; all other items in the ZIP file remain unchanged.

   It would be best to delete the old version, uploaded in July. I had a go at it, but I'm not sure whether it has disappeared or not.