Re: Updated TDF for Brian Skiff's LONEOS.PHOT file

morel_mati Nov 21, 2015


   Thanks to Bill and others for the feedback. Brian's file of accurate photometry was compiled from published data, going back decades, for his own use, so it's not surprising that the file is perhaps slightly less polished than his other efforts, numbering in the hundreds(?). By looking at the Lowell Observatory ftp site for catalogs I notice that Brian's file has not been updated since 2009, which is about the time that the AAVSO's APASS system started to do a lot of heavy lifting in this area. Professionals also now frequently contact the AAVSO-Sequence team when a sequence is required, for an ad hoc or short-time need.

    Nevertheless, I find Brian's hard work now saves me time.  Folders full of hardcopy material, collected over many years can now be junked. Incidentally, catalogues of photoelectric sequences have been published, for quick reference, firstly by Sharov and colleagues (1953-1968, in Russian) then Argue, Bok and Miller extended the work in 3 supplements (in English) up to 1983.  Back in 2006 I modified Sharov's work, by translating the Russian terminology into English equivalents, and updating the coordinate system to J2000. The final result is two plain text files. Anyone interested can contact me off list.

   My 2006 version is not suited for display by GUIDE, as the size of each sequence field is not stated in ~50% of cases; in other cases the field is extremely large, of the order of 10s of square degrees, yet containing relatively few sequence stars.  Yet, it does provide an overview of what was published 1953-1968.