Re: [guide-user] Comet download workaround

P. Clay Sherrod Nov 21, 2015

Hi Bill....I am confused on this is wanting to save as an Internet Web
page and I cannot over-write the "add_mpec.hee" file in Guide because I cannot pull
that up as a FILE TYPE on my save function.
Should we save this first as TEXT file and then attempt to over-write the .hee file
Please advise....I have messed up my MPC updates for comets attempting to get this to

Dr. P. Clay Sherrod
Arkansas Sky Observatories
MPC H45 - Petit Jean Mountain South
MPC H41 - Petit Jean Mountain
MPC H43 - Conway West

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> Hello all,
> I've come up with a temporary workaround (may turn into a long-term one!)
> for the problems with the missing comet data from IMCCE. The lack of this
> data will eventually be a serious nuisance; the last version of their
> comet data goes back to August, and it will eventually be of historical
> interest only.
> However, if you download this file :
> and put it in your Guide folder (replacing an existing file), you'll
> be able to use the "Add MPC Comets" button without having things go haywire
> as Guide attempts to download files that don't exist. All I did was to
> switch things so that, instead of downloading Patrick Rocher's comet
> data from IMCCE and converting it into Guide's format, you will now
> be downloading the last version of that data from my Web site, already
> converted to Guide format.
> I must admit to feeling a bit thick that I didn't see this fix a
> while ago. Say, within about fifteen seconds of realizing that IMCCE's
> site had gone away and wasn't coming back anytime soon... oh, well!
> -- Bill
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