Re: [guide-user] Moon map

Bill Gray Nov 21, 2015

Hi Dave,

> ...However, the Moon map is low resolution
> A simple fix for this?

For that, you should be able to right-click on the Moon, then
on Display, then Options. You'll see some radio buttons for selecting
which image is to be used. You probably want the 'Clementine image'.
(Same trick works with getting different images for the planets,
keeping in mind that not all planets have more than one image. Or
even just one image.)

At some point, I do want to take some maps made by Steve Albers
for Pluto and Charon, and process them into Guide's format :

as well as a few other maps he's either done or provides. The major
issue with Pluto will be the "retrograde" issue... which has been
muddied still further by the is-it-a-planet-or-isn't-it nonsense.
When Pluto was a planet, the official position was that it was
retrograde. As a dwarf planet, it's prograde, and the lat/lon
system has been modified accordingly.

-- Bill