Comet download workaround

Bill Gray Nov 21, 2015

Hello all,

I've come up with a temporary workaround (may turn into a long-term one!)
for the problems with the missing comet data from IMCCE. The lack of this
data will eventually be a serious nuisance; the last version of their
comet data goes back to August, and it will eventually be of historical
interest only.

However, if you download this file :

and put it in your Guide folder (replacing an existing file), you'll
be able to use the "Add MPC Comets" button without having things go haywire
as Guide attempts to download files that don't exist. All I did was to
switch things so that, instead of downloading Patrick Rocher's comet
data from IMCCE and converting it into Guide's format, you will now
be downloading the last version of that data from my Web site, already
converted to Guide format.

I must admit to feeling a bit thick that I didn't see this fix a
while ago. Say, within about fifteen seconds of realizing that IMCCE's
site had gone away and wasn't coming back anytime soon... oh, well!

-- Bill