Updated TDF for Brian Skiff's LONEOS.PHOT file

morel_mati Nov 20, 2015


    I've  just recently noticed that Brian Skiff's LONEOS.PHOT file is essentially unusable, using the TDF which is integrated with cd_dat3.tdf (a large bundle of TDFs, GUIDE9). Anyone noticed it? The problems in TDF are:

1)  Dec. Degrees truncated; "-" skipped, result being that ALL southern hemisphere stars are/were plotted by GUIDE9 north of the equator.

2) Colors V-R and V-I misidentified, and consequently mixed up by GUIDE. U-B not shown at all.

3) Many other line items in the TDF off by one or more bytes. eg V is truncated, the leading "1" in each magnitude was skipped, resulting in star plots by GUIDE which ended up far too bright (as well as being in the wrong hemisphere).

   These problems affect *ONLY*  LONEOS.PHOT, when switched on.  I have fixed all of the above defects , and also amended the large blocks of text, to remove redundant words or to simplify things.

   This amended TDF is called LONEOS_NEW.TDF, and has been uploaded to the Files Area. I expect it would be no problem to remove the old TDF and Copy & Paste the new TDF in its place.  I have done this and everything now works like a charm.

    I am sorry if this problem has already been noticed and fixed already, but it only took about two hours to identify the problem, and correct everything.


Mati Morel